Co-ed Beach Volleyball






The play will be casual and for fun. If someone is unfamiliar with how to play volleyball, we will teach/train new players off to the side of the court while other games are being played.

On occasion, there will be official matches scheduled. Casual players are more than welcome to stay and watch as well as play casually again after these matches are completed.

Teams will be randomly picked and dive up.

Teams will consist of both male and female players.

SOP reminder:
1. Players must be fully vaccinated as well as have a (Low Risk) Mysejahtra profile.
2. Temperature Checks and scanning of the QR code is required upon arrival.
3. Absolutely no sharing or beverages, as well as players are encouraged to maintain Social Distancing and wear a mask while not playing.

Type A ticket can be used for one session per person
To Bring Towel & water
Note Co-ed Beach Volleyball is played (4 vs 4), (5 vs 5), or (6 vs 6).

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Event Details

Start time: 07:00 p.m. UTC+08

End time: 08:00 p.m. UTC+08

Venue: Puteri Harbour, Marnia Walk Sandy Beach


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