Mat Pilates with Hui Yeen

Hui Yeen





The main focus is to build up the core system focusing mostly on abs, spine, and strength. Allow yourself to improve body awareness and muscle endurance during exercises.

How can practicing Pilates helps you?

– Improve your posture & alignment that will result in less pain (especially on the knees, lower back, and neck)
– Improve your core strength that can prevent sports injury
– Improve mobility & flexibility to move better in your daily activities

Beginner to intermediate level class.

Every Tuesday, 6 pm (1 hour)

Type A ticket can be used for one session per person
To Bring Yoga mat, towel & water
Note The class will be confirmed prior to the booking date upon receiving a minimum of 5 reservations


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Hui Yeen is a BASI Certified Pilates Instructor. She really likes how Pilates exercises emphasize the functional side of our body. She hopes to help her clients to learn how to use the correct muscles during exercise and to build strong body awareness. Most importantly, to move better without any pain and stress on their body.

Event Details

Venue: Puteri Harbour


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