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Apple’s Big Practice


Indulge yourself in this 100 minutes yoga practice with Apple!

Each practice will be themed around a skill or technique that will help you understand your body better and have a safer asana practice. First, we will cultivate interoceptive awareness through warm-ups and drills. Then, we flow through a series of breath-led movements. Finally, we tune our awareness inwards and ease into a mindful rest.

Necessary props will be provided. Just bring your yoga mat, a big towel, a hand towel, and water bottle!

Daunting to dive into a long practice? Friends new to yoga can also opt to attend the first 45 minutes of this practice.

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Sun Salutations With Apple


If you need a crash-course on Sun Salutation, look no further!

In this 100-min practice, we will review the building blocks of Sun Salutations A, B and C before flowing through them!

Perfect for friends who are looking for a starting point to understand yoga and for experienced yogis to just go with the flow.

p/s: don’t worry, it won’t be non-stop Sun Salutations.

🗓️ 23 March 2023 (Thursday)

🕓 4:00 p.m.

📍 Imperia Rooftop, Puteri Harbour

🧘🏻‍♀️ Apple @scapples.jb

💰 RM60

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Mat Pilates with Joanna


Mat Moves is an all-levels 50-minute mat Pilates session that aims to improve your functional day-to-day movements. Each session is designed with fluid transitions to strengthen the core muscles, incorporate appropriate breathing techniques and emphasise stability and mobility. Pilates focuses on developing your awareness, breath, balance, control, concentration, centre, efficiency, flow, harmony, and precision.

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Mat Pilates with Hui Yeen


The main focus is to build up the core system focusing mostly on abs, spine, and strength. Allow yourself to improve body awareness and muscle endurance during exercises.

By:  Hui Yeen
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